We at Synetics understand that a one-size fits all approach in not feasible when it comes to computers and network systems. We have therefore perfected the approach we have taken to supporting our clients by providing them with options that work. We tailor the support to fit their individual needs.   


Computer Maintenance

Recent studies show a few critical hours of downtime per month can significantly affect your bottom-line,and uptime is most positively achieved through efficient maintenance programs. Synetics not only creates such programs, but also backs them through Blocktime and Nethelp contracts.


BLOCKTIME- Blocktime is an opportunity to purchase services in blocks of hours at a significantly discounted price. It also guarantees your needs will be met when situations arise. Blocktime benefits include:

Ability to purchase blocks of time ranging from 25 hours to 100 hours at a discounted price.

Guaranteed response times ( 4 hours for servers/8 hours for workstations. During normal business hours)

communication and resolution of problems via telephone, remote support or on-site.

Routine maintenance of hardware, software and networking equipment.






Blocktime Agreement Download


Onsite Network Support

Nethelp is a proactive solution that maximizes network uptime/productivity through state of the art preventative maintenance programs working in conjunction with Blocktime, revolutionizing your business by providing a full-time IS manager (far below the price to hire one). Nethelp benefits include all the benefits the Blocktime contract offers plus:

Weekly scheduled preventative maintenance by certified technicians.


  • Installation and maintenance of operating Systems and applications.

  • System upgrades and configuration.

  • Overall client support: including research, recommendations, interactions with telecommunication and other software companies.

  • Patch management.

O N - S I T E   S U P P O R T​  /

D E P O T  R E P A I R S

Managed IT support

Customers and businesses who have a support request and do not have a contract can avail of this service. 


We dispatch network engineers and technicians for an on-site visit and bill the customers on a per hour basis.   


Individuals including home users can experience the same quality of service that our business customers have come to enjoy. We offer our customers the ability to drop off their computers for service/repairs at a low fixed rate or we can visit them on-site if they so choose. we also offer pickup-drop off service.